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v. 10, n. 2 (2013) COVER / CAPA Detalhes   PDF (English)
Edson Luiz Riccio
v. 11, n. 2 (2014) Credit Analysis Using Data Mining: Application in the Case of a Credit Union Resumo   PDF (English)   PDF
Marcos de Moraes Sousa, Reginaldo Santana Figueiredo
v. 12, n. 1 (2015) Critical factors in the implementation process of integrated management systems Resumo   PDF (English)
Ademir Antonio Ferreira, Marcio Shoiti Kuniyoshi
v. 11, n. 1 (2014) Critical Success Factors for a Competitive Advantage in Electronic Commerce: Empirical Study in Paraguayan Companies Resumo   PDF (Español)
Chap Kau Kwan Chung, Rosario García Cruz
Dora Luz González Bañales, Manuel Rodenes Adam
v. 13, n. 1 (2016) CRM Adoption in a Higher Education Institution Resumo   PDF (English)
Guy-Emmanuel Rigo, Cristiane Drebes Pedron, Mário Caldeira, Cíntia Cristina Silva de Araújo
v. 8, n. 1 (2011) CRM as a Support for Knowledge Management and Customer Relationship Resumo   PDF (English)
Silvana Toriani, Maria Terezinha Angeloni
v. 6, n. 2 (2009) CRM as Institution - Imaginary, Legitimacy and Appropriation Resumo   PDF (English)
Christophe Benavent
v. 3, n. 2 (2006) Crm, Learning and Organizational Control Resumo   PDF (English)
Christophe Benavent, Olivier de la Villarmois
v. 3, n. 1 (2006) Cultural Features Shared by Information Systems Users Resumo   PDF (English)
Rosanna Costaguta, Marilena Maldonado
v. 6, n. 2 (2009) Cultural Influences on Adoption of Project Management: a Qualitative Study in Consulting and IT Development Companies Resumo   PDF (English)
Carlos Ferreira da Rocha Neto, George Leal Jamil, Maria Celeste Reis Lobo de Vasconcelos
v. 6, n. 3 (2009) Customization in the Manufacturing Industry: Survey Results in Southeastern Brazil Resumo   PDF (English)
Alexandre Reis Graeml, João Mário Csillag
v. 14, n. 3 (2017) Cyber Security Governance and Management for Smart Grids in Brazilian Energy Utilities Resumo   PDF (English)
Daniel Jardim Pardini, Astrid Maria Carneiro Heinisch, Fernando Silva Parreiras
v. 8, n. 1 (2011) DATA INFORMATION SYSTEM TO PROMOTE THE ORGANIZATION DATA OF COLLECTIONS – MODELING CONSIDERATIONS BY THE UNIFIED MODELIGN LANGUAGE (UML)Data Information System to Promote the Organization Data of Collections – Modeling Considerations by the Unified M Resumo   PDF (English)
Eduardo Batista de Moraes Barbosa, Galeno José de Sena
v. 4, n. 3 (2007) De-Escalating the IT-Projects Resumo   PDF (English)
Ghulam Muhammad Kundi, Allah Nawaz, Bahadar Shah
v. 9, n. 3 (2012) Determinants of the Choice of Marketing Channels by Corporate Clients: an Analysis of the Information Technology Sector Resumo   PDF (English)
Guilherme Soares, Adriana Bruscato Bortoluzzo, Henrique Machado Barros
v. 11, n. 3 (2014) Determining factors determinants of bank employees’ reading habits of information security policies Resumo   PDF (English)
William Allassani
v. 14, n. 1 (2017) Developers’ Views on Information Systems Quality and Success in Canadian Software Development Firms Resumo   PDF (English)
Delroy Anthony Chevers, Gerald Grant
v. 12, n. 3 (2015) Development of a hybrid fuzzy genetic algorithm model for solving transportation scheduling problem Resumo   PDF (English)
H.C.W Lau, Dilupa Nakandala, Li Zhao
v. 8, n. 2 (2011) Digital Certification in the Brazilian Egovernment Resumo   PDF (English)
Edilson Ferneda, Luiza Beth Nunes Alonso, Lamartine Vieira Braga
v. 12, n. 2 (2015) Digital Forensic Investigation Models, an Evolution study Resumo   PDF (English)
Khuram Mushtaque, Kamran Ahsan, Ahmer Umer
v. 5, n. 2 (2008) Digital Pakistan: Opportunities & Challenges Resumo   PDF (English)
Ghulam Muhammad Kundi, Bahadar Shah, Allah Nawaz
v. 11, n. 1 (2014) Discovering Citizens Reaction Toward E-Government: Factors in E-Government Adoption Resumo   PDF (English)
Mohammad Kamel Alomari
v. 10, n. 2 (2013) Do Information and Communication Technology Access and Innovation Increase Outsourcing in Small and Medium Enterprises? Resumo   PDF (English)
María Verónica Alderete
v. 9, n. 1 (2012) Drivers of E-Government Maturity in Two Developing Regions: Focus on Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa Resumo   PDF (English)
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